DAY 3: A song that reminds you of summertime

Kiss A Girl – Keith Urban

For some reason when it starts to warm up outside, I find myself listening to country music like Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, Lady Antebellum, etc. I have no clue why. I listened to a lot of country in the car with my dad growing up but even then it was 90s – 00’s country. This type of music just sounds good with the windows rolled down, cruising down the road.

My first memory of liking a Keith Urban song is when my family was on vacation and You’ll Think of Me was constantly on the radio. I just loved the line, “Take your cat and leave my sweater ’cause we have nothing left to weather.” He doesn’t actually say “cat” I think he says “cap” but I always thought it was cat. It seemed like such an odd thing to tell someone to take, “I don’t want the cat, you take it. But that sweater! I NEED that back.” Hahaha.

This song though, I found on someone from work’s Myspace page, I know…random. But I was like this is such a fun song so I downloaded it. I would listen to it while I rode my bike around town. I’d go to this lake near where I was living at the time and just sit there by the shore…beach…whatever you call it and listen to music. So this song makes me think of that time in my life; warm late afternoon bike rides that bled into cool summer nights .

It also makes me think of the person’s whose Myspace page I found this song on. I think he had gotten out of a relationship and could relate to this song or something? I don’t remember… But connecting our emotions or states of being to music is so fascinating and powerful. I don’t know how many times I’ve used music to convey my thoughts and feelings. I’m just like, “Ahh! That! That’s how I feel! They articulated it so well! Listen to this, really listen to it and you’ll understand!” I mean that’s what I’m saying in my head, out loud I’m just like “Hey, listen to this song.. good huh?” Internally scream: “That’s how I feel! Get it?!”

Favorite Line:
“But the night is young, and it’s been awhile…”


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