DAY 7: A song to drive to

Put Me In the Car – Ryan Gosling

You know it really depends where you are driving. My go to, must have for driving on the interstate in a big city are The Black Keys. They just give me all this confidence, make me feel badass, and help me focus. Like, “No sir you will not cut me off!” or “I can totally merge onto this exit safely.” It’s weird, I know but it works so let me be. When I’m on long drives on old highways I need to listen to songs I can sing along to, obviously. Windows down, blue skies, jams on blast…perfection. Then there’s drives you go on to just get out and think. For that you need some quality folk rock acousticness. Or driving my brother around, just cruising, listening to hip hop and driving down back roads or all over the city.

But this song…it’s a hidden gem, I think. I like driving and listening to music with no real agenda or plan on where I’m going. It just helps you put things into perspective, one could say it helps you feel free again. I love love love this song.

I remember going through my, “I’m obsessed with Ryan Gosling” phase. I think it started when I found out he was a musician. I found this song and then discovered Dead Man’s Bones. I listened to this song a lot in college. I tend to get easily overwhelmed by my thoughts (who doesn’t?) and I use to just escape the overthinking, overanalyzing, irrelevant stuff by laying on my bed and listening to this song (since I didn’t have a car at school for the first year or two). Like I said I really love driving, which is funny because I didn’t get my license until I was 17; which is not unreasonably late but still.. When I lived with my brother and when I visit him, we like to just listen to music and drive around town. I grew up going on long road trips with my family. My brother and I would even go on drives with our dad at least twice a month out of town for his work. There’s a sort of comfort I find on the road especially roads I have traveled on multiple times throughout my life. So I really “connected” with this song you could say; just put me in the car and drive, anywhere. Let me get that fresh air and ground myself.

This song also has a romantical aspect to it. And I’m like low-key super into (that might be an oxymoron…) romance, ugh. Just the idea of having a companion that’ll go on a long drive with you and essentially tell you everything you are worried about is in your head. Then they kiss you and you start to feel like everything will be all right. Swoooon!

I’m sure the original meaning or inspiration for this song is completely different than what I think it is. But this was kinda of my interpretation of it and what it means to me.

Favorite Line:
“Darkness thinks I’m pretty and the rain covets my soul …”


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