DAY 11: A song that you never get tired of

Grand Theft Autumn / Where Is Your Boy – Fall Out Boy

Surprise! Another category that I could choose a million songs for. I settled with this song because it’s probably my favorite Fall Out Boy song, it’s from their first album (if you don’t count their EP that was released a few months before this) which is also my favorite (possibly tied with From Under the Cork Tree though…).

Songs that I will never get tired of are ones that I OBSESSED over growing up or that have a good memory/feeling attached to them. A good memory doesn’t mean it needs to be something that made me happy or a time when something good happened. It can, but it’s also can be those moments you reflect on fondly, like a moment you might of learned something that could have been painful or hard at the time but made you a better person or lead to something greater later on.

Songs you never get tired of are like family or old friends. They’ve just been there for you for so long, some times since the beginning, and you can’t help but love them or find use for them. Songs you never get tired of are the songs that have your back, that you keep in your emergency music first aid kit, that you’ll repeatedly tell your grandchildren stories about, that you’ll hear and everything will always feel right and good for a minute or two. I think they can also tell you a lot about a person. I love learning things like that about people. If anyone is reading this and feels like indulging me let me know what song is one you’ll never get tired of. Try to think of just one and really think why it is that you never get tired of it. I would love to hear what anyone has to say.

Well, I guess I better do some reflection so I can explain why I think I never get tired of this song…

I really love Fall Out Boy’s earlier stuff. I got into them in eighth grade and saw them at Warped Tour the summer before freshmen year when From Under the Cork Tree was just starting to catch on. This Warped Tour was actually my first Warped Tour and I told my best friend I NEEDED to see them. So we watch Bedouin Soundclash which at the time was a very interesting experience for me…different crowd than I was use to. (I really like their song, Gyasi Went Home.) Anyways the crowd for them was pretty small so we were able to be in the front when Fall Out Boy came on after them. Ugh, I was in heaven, my heart was so happy…

I remember starting my freshmen year of high school and everyone loved Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down and Dance, Dance and they were getting a lot of air time on the radio. I was just like, “…that albums almost a year old (in reality it was only like four or five months old, time feels a lot longer when you’re younger), where have you guys been? Also you should probably familiarize yourself with Take This To Your Grave because it’s amazing.” Fall Out Boy is the first band I got really “snobby” about. Like I knew what all the lyrics where and I knew both their albums (Oooooo, haha) and I liked them before they were on the radio. Which is funny now because I still like them but after From Under the Cork Tree I lost sight of them for awhile and came back around Save Rock And Roll. My best friend (since eighth grade to the present whom I went to Warped Tour with) loves Fall Out Boy now. We kind of switched roles, I was obsessed with them when they first started and she got into them because I gushed about them so much and now she’s obsessed with them and keeps up with them a little more than me. I’m still just like… I really like Take This To Your Grave…do the youngsters know about Take This To Your Grave? Haha.

I think I’m so attached to this song and album because it felt like my own little secret for awhile. It was my thing. I loved them from album one. I mean I was a little behind but when From Under the Cork Tree came out, I found out they had another album, Take This To Your Grave and I listened to it as soon as possible and just fell in love. It’s become a security blanket for me almost. I remember getting really sick one time and just listened to this album. And any time I would get a really bad headache I would lie in the bathtub and sing this album out loud until I felt better. If it didn’t work, it always at least helped a little. Grand Theft Autumn / Where Is Your Boy was the first song I latched on to. It’s really catchy and just was everything I want. I  also think as a teenage I liked the idea of some guy thinking I was so great, the last good thing about this part of town even, telling me, “Hey I can be so good for you, give me a chance!” I mean I feel like that all the time, “I mean I know I’m not like what you’re looking for entirely but like I’m really great and I could be really great for you if you just gave me a chance. Give me a chance? No? Okay…” Haha. I think I also just really love how it starts off a little low and slow and then they just slam into it, love that…

But like I keep saying Take This To Your Grave is great. For sure one of those albums where I know what song comes next after each song and I know all the lyrics to.

Favorite Line:
“…in the meantime I’ll sport my brand new fashion of waking up with pants on at 4:00 in the afternoon.”


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