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DAY 2: A song you like with a number in the title

7 – Catfish and the Bottlemen

This song is great. This band is great; they are totally underrated. This song makes me think about when you like someone and you kind of want to be with them but you have a lot of shit you need to deal with or you’re just not in the right place to be in a relationship. You’re just trying to do you and you know if you take the time for them you’ll get caught up in it all and put yourself on the back burner. So you try to remove yourself from the situation best you can without coming off a complete asshole and potentially putting yourself in a position where you lose them. Talk about relatable, amirite? No? Just me? Fair enough.

I saw these guys in…August or September, when they opened up for Mumford & Sons. I had heard one or two songs before then. The day before the show though, I was staying with my brother in Denver and I was jamming to this song while I was getting ready. I was super stoked about seeing Mumford & Sons but wanted to familiarize myself a little more with Catfish & the Bottlemen. And this song just gets me real pumped and amped; that chorus though. They were great live; I wish the crowd was more pumped though. I just wanted to sing and jump around while they performed. So great. Such an amazing show. Love, love, love.

Favorite Lyric:
“I love you but I need another year alone.”


DAY 1: A song you like with a color in the title

Green Eyes – Coldplay

I love this song… It’s so sweet and romantical (yes, I know that’s not an actual word). I always love listening to love type songs and wondering who they are singing about, their relationship with that person, where they both stand now…just all the details. I’m not a songwriter but someone has to stir up a lot of feelings in you for you to write a song for them. I’ve related my feelings for other people to songs my whole life. So I’m always curious if the feelings I tie to songs are similar to the ones that inspire the songs. But sometimes it’s better not to know.

A memory I have attached to this song is sitting on a rock in the middle of the night with my college boyfriend. There’s this winding road that leads up to the school we went to. One of the first few times we hung out we went for a walk and ended up sitting on a rock on the side of the road, looking up at the sky. We listened to this song together and it was my first time hearing it and I fell in love instantly. My favorite line is below, we both had kind of found each other at the right time and were kind of what each other needed. So those lyrics tie into that moment perfectly.

Favorite Lyric:
“I came here with a load and it feels so much lighter now I met you”

*I like this format…I think I’m going to plan on doing this each time.

The Comeback

Huzzah! I’m back at it again. And hopefully this time I’ll be sticking around for awhile. I came across this article that had a 30 Day Music/Song Challenge and I really want to participate. So for the next 30 days (or so…) I will be doing the following challenge and I’m low-key pumped about it so stay tuned. And if you decide to do this too or already have please let me know and let me know where I can read/listen to it at.

The Challenge

  1. A song you like with a color in the title
  2. A song you like with a number in the title
  3. A song that reminds you of summertime
  4. A song that reminds you of someone you would rather forget about
  5. A song that needs to be played LOUD
  6. A song that makes you want to dance
  7. A song to drive to
  8. A song about drugs or alcohol
  9. A song that makes you happy
  10. A song that makes you sad
  11. A song that you never get tired of
  12. A song from your preteen years
  13. One of your favorite 70’s songs
  14. A song that you would love played at your wedding
  15. A song that is a cover by another artist
  16. One of your favorite classical songs
  17. A song that you would sing a duet with on karaoke
  18. A song from the year you were born
  19. A song that makes you think about life
  20. A song that has many meanings to you
  21. A favorite song with a person’s name in the title
  22. A song that moves you forward
  23. A song that you think everybody should listen to
  24. A song by a band you wish were still together
  25. A song by an artist no longer living
  26. A song that makes you want to fall in love
  27. A song that breaks your heart
  28. A song by an artist with a voice that you love
  29. A song that you remember from your childhood
  30. A song that reminds you of yourself

Music Questionnaire

Going to do a little questionnaire/tag today because I’m still getting some ideas down of what I want to write about. Plus this will help you learn a little more about me and the music I like (in this moment in time, that is). Let’s do the damn thing…

  1. Favorite band/musician of the moment?
    My favorite bands/musicians at the moment are: Mumford & Sons, Ray LaMontagne, Childish Gambino, Nathaniel Rateliff, Hoizer, Knox Hamilton, Rusty Clanton, Rudimental, Biggie Smalls, Ratatat, Joshua Radin, and Milky Chance. If I had to pick one though it would be Mumford & Sons.
  2. What is the last song you listened to?
    The last song I listened to was Halsey – Colors. I’m currently obsessed with it and really want her to release the track because it’s brilliant. Favorite lyric: “You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky. And you decided purple just wasn’t for you…”
  3. What’s in your CD player right now?
    I don’t have a CD player anymore BUT my iPod is in my dock and is on Wilder Mind, Mumford & Sons newest album. It’s set to the song Tompkins Square Park because it’s one of my favorites on that album and I really enjoy waking up to it. Winston fucking kills it on this song –  fucking rocks it.
  4. What was the last show you attended?
    I saw The Avett Brothers with my brother at Red Rocks in Colorado. It was really swell. Their dad come out and sang a few songs with them and my heart melted. All the people were lovely. The Avett Brothers were so handsome. I was actually at this show (not my video), here’s them playing I Wish I Was. Look at those faces! So handsome, I love them..sorry.
  5. What was the greatest show you’ve ever been to?
    Greatest show I ever went to…I would have to say Against Me! I saw them in this little venue with my best guy friend near SLC. The opening acts were great; Cheap Girls are an amazing band and I recommend them. It was the greatest show because the venue was so small and I could clearly see LJG right there and it was so great. The vibe in the crowd was great. My friend loves them as much as me if not more – it’s always great to go to shows with someone who gets and shares your level of love for a band. I really dug their new it was just good times around. I wish I could see more shows in that sort of environment. My favorite Against Me! song off their newer album is Black Me Out. It’s a great “Fuck off.” song. I sing this song at the top of my lungs when it comes on. And sometimes I’m driving when that happens and I’ve probably frightened a few people. But I just love it so much!
  6. What show are you looking forward to?
    The show I’m looking forward to is Mumford and Sons stopover tour in Salida!!! I bought tickets and I’m still trying to find someone who can go with me. But I can’t miss this show, it’s my babes! And a bunch of other great bands. I’m really really pumped, just wish I could get someone to commit to coming with me! I wanna camp and meet awesome people and listen to great music and be in a beautiful town and just soak up all the wonderfulness. So I mean like…I guess I’m looking forward to it, whatever…
  7. What musician would you like to hang out with for a day?
    Going to cheat and list a few people…
    Mumford and Sons – obviously. I would love to hangout with them and be their friend (who wouldn’t). They seem like great guys. I would talk to them about their songs and what they’re about or what inspired them. I’d ask Marcus to tell me everything about his lovely wife and how they met and all that. I’d talk to Ben about Austin to Boston and what his experience with that was like. I’d talk to Ted about photography and ask him about his favorite photos he’s taken. I’d talk to Winston about how adorable he is duh and ask him to teach me how to play the banjo because the banjo just looks like a magnificent time.
    Hozier – he’s always seemed like an interesting guy to me. He seems like the type of person you want to sit on a mountaintop with and watch the sunset – just talking about life and existence. I really love his song Someone New so I’d love to talk to him about that because I saw him speak about it briefly in an interview and it was really interesting to me what he said. He compared the song to the saying, “Bad news from a pretty mouth…”
    Brendan Urie – he’s such a goof. I feel like a day with him would be just a grand time. Again, I would ask him about his lovely wife and how they met (if you haven’t caught on I LOVE romance and “how we met” stories and let me tell you all the things I love about my significant other – please tell me all the things, literally all of them.)
    Those are the individuals who come to mind right away.
  8. What is your favorite band t-shirt?
    My favorite band t-shirt…hmmm. My favorite band t-shirt that says the band’s name right on it is my The Clash shirt. It’s black and has a dragon on it. I’ve had it since like…8th or 9th grade? There’s some paint on the back and a little hole but I still wear it. I actually wore it a few weeks ago and someone at work complimented it. My favorite band t-shirt that doesn’t have the band name on it (hold on it’ll make sense in a second) is my shirt that says “Give me hope in the darkness that I will see the light” …. it’s umm Mumford and Sons’ lyrics – sorry not sorry, I’m aware, I’m completely and utterly OBSESSED.
  9. Who is one artist/band you’ve never seen live but have always wanted to?
    Mumford and Sons.I’ll talk about someone else though so we don’t OD on Mumford in this post (I’m sure I’ll dedicate a post to just gushing about them).
    I would love to see City & Colour/Dallas Green live. Ughh, love him…Little Hell is one of my all time favorite songs (like #me) and The Girl – perfection! He was my life when I was in this weird graduated high school not in college phase, “gap year” as some people may describe it. I would love to see him in a cozy little coffeeshop kind of on the DL, super chill. I would love that.
    I would love to see John Mayer, Ellie Goulding, or Paramore with my brother. All three are bands we both really love.
  10. Name 5 of your favorite albums?
    Transgender Dysphoria Blues – Against Me!: I really love this album. The only thing I didn’t enjoy was the fact that it was so short! But it’s got a lot of heart. Some of the song titles make me laugh but all amazing songs. This album is one you have to just sing along to while driving your car through town.
    A Fire So Big the Heavens Can See It – Search the City: Love this band! A guy I use to work with recommended this band to me and I fell in love with this album. It’s catchy, the lyrics are great… I don’t know. I recommend listening to it. Especially if you’re getting out of a really shitty relationship. This album was my anthem after one of my break-ups – a true life saver. (Sidenote: just realized they released a new album this past fall – mental note to listen to that later.)
    Take This To Your Grave – Fall Out Boy: I was going between this album and From Under a Cork Tree because Fall Out Boy is my love. They were my life when I was in high school. I decided to pick their first album because it’s a CLASSIC and it has Grand Theft Autumn and that is another on of my favorite songs ever. I cannot tell you the amount of times I listened to this album on repeat while laying on my bedroom floor. I saw them at Warped Tour (I wanna say Summer ’05) just before they become ridiculously huge that following Fall. I was in front row with my best friend. I didn’t quite know all their songs then but it was one of my favorite moments. Sugar We’re Going Down was everything. First two FOB albums are my jam. They’ve since come out with a lot of other great albums but these two…their my favorites.
    Handwritten – The Gaslight Anthem: Brian Fallon’s voice is one of my all time favorites. This album is terrific and it just sounds so…old skool/pinup-y…if that makes any sense – listen to the album and let me know if you get that vibe. This is another great cruising in the car or road trip album. I have this album in my car and listen to it from time to time when I don’t want to fuss with the radio. This band is one of those bands where you hear one song and you’re like, “Yeah…okay, this is good. I want more. What else is there?” I recommend starting with Handwritten (the song) it’s one of my favorites.
    Let Go – Avril Lavigne: Do you guys remember this album? It was so good. Great mix of songs, loved all of them. Talk about nostalgia and oozing adolescents. This album is a classic, Avril is superb – you’re argument is invalid.
  11. How many concerts have you been to and who have you seen the most live?
    I have to write these down to get a count…I do know I’ve seen Fall Out Boy twice and that’s who I’ve seen the most live.
    Warped Tour ’05 – saw Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Hawthorne Heights, Transplants (maybe?)… are who come immediately to mind
    Warped Tour ’06 – saw Silverstein (love them – Discovering the Waterfront is another great album that should have been mentioned above..) Less Than Jake, bunch of other bands
    Plain White T’s – couldn’t tell you the year but I saw them when I was in high school…in an auditorium…it was weird. We were in like the fourth or so row and everyone, if I remember correctly, sat the whole concert. Odd.
    Against Me! – saw them when I was in college during Spring Break in SLC. Already talked about it.
    The Avett Brothers – this year (last month) in Colorado. Remember the two ridiculously handsome brothers?
    Pot O’ Gold Festival – this year in March…I think that’s what it was called. But Fall Out Boy was there, Knox Hamilton, Milky Chance (he played right before FOB on the other stage so my back was facing him the whole time because the crowd was huge – still bummed about that), Echosmith, New Politics – it was a really great lineup. Loved it.
    And… I think I saw Jerry Lee Lewis when I was a kid..I went to some weird electronic/dubstep? show in college with my college boyfriend…I saw a Beatles cover band when I was interning at a concert hall. I saw someone else play there too…wow I’m a shitty person for not remember who it was..I’ve been to numerous band/orchestra shows (if that counts??)…that’s all I can think of right now. Probably forgetting something though but that’s 10ish shows I’ve been to.
  12. What is your favorite movie soundtrack?
    Oooo, what’s my favorite movie soundtrack? Ugh…I LOVE soundtracks it’s like getting a mix tape from someone. This is going to sound dorky but my favorite musical/movie soundtrack is Fiddler on the Roof. Honestly my favorite musical and the greatest soundtrack! I love it. But movie that’s not a musical..let’s think…Juno has a great soundtrack (sorry not sorry), August Rush (that guitar though), Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist (merely because I love the idea of having a playlist with someone/around a night), Perks of Being a Wallflower had some great songs…
    I can’t give a single, straightforward answer for any of these. WOW.
  13. What are the top 3 most played songs on your ITunes?
    Not a 100% sure if these are the top 3 but their the ones listed on my Top 25 Most Played first:
    Details in the Fabric – Jason Mraz (recommend listening to this if you’re sad or tired)
    I Still Feel Her, Pt. 3 – Jonny Craig (recommend listening to this purely because it’s amazing and because I really enjoy Jonny Craig’s voice)
    I Am Yours – Texas in July (recommend if you like listening to music to fall asleep to)
  14. Who is the most underrated musician in your opinion?
    Who do I think is the most underrated musician? Wow…good question I think Ron Pope is a little underrated. Maybe he just stopped being relevant? Not to sound rude or harsh – just he seemed really popular a few years ago and I haven’t heard much about him recently. Trevor Hall – he’s a great singer that you don’t hear mentioned a lot. The Tallest Man on Earth – love him, definitely recommend checking him out. Knox Hamilton but I think they’re going to be huge soon and just blow up. I KNOW WHO… Yellowcard. Yellowcard is amazing and no one talks about how great and amazing they are. They’re amazing, total underrated. (To be fair I haven’t caught up on their recent stuff but they’re still fucking awesome and deserve more credit/hype.)
  15. What is your favorite song lyric?
    “Give me hope in the darkness that I will see the light” – Mumford & Sons
    “How fickle my heart and woozy my eyes” – Mumford & Sons
    “I’m taking back my heart for me” – Rusty Clanton
    “The opposite of love is indifference” – The Lumineers
    “And we won’t place any stock in old days. Let’s save up for something new. Some day…I won’t have to wait for you..” – Rusty Clanton
    “Sometimes, it’s like someone took a knife, baby edgy and dull, and cut a six-inch valley through the middle of my soul” – Bruce Springstein
    “Just put me in the car and drive so far until I’m free again. And whisper in my ear that all these years I’ve been dreaming. Then you kiss me goodnight. And it’ll be all right” -Ryan Gosling
    “I don’t care if it hurts, I want to have control, I want a perfect body, I want a perfect soul, I want you to notice when I’m not around. You’re so fucking special, I wish I was special. But I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo, what the hell am I doing here? I don’t belong here.” – Radiohead
    “If I could start again, a million miles away, I would keep myself. I would find a way” – Jonny Cash
    “I love you dear. But just how long can I keep singing the same old song?” – Bob Dylan/The New Basement Tapes (IN LOVE with this song)
    I love lyrics and quotes so this isn’t even a fraction of them and I know they’re not my absolute favorites just (again) ones that came to mind.

That’s all I got for today. I’m sure I could redo this in a month or two and have completed different answers (while for a few of them).

The “Ex”-List: A Review of the boys I liked, loved, and regretted…

1. Crush – Jennifer Paige: You were my very first crush from like kindergarten to fifth grade. And it ended there only because you moved to Michigan or something. In second grade I wrote you a note that had crush written in cursive and like a giant rainbow on the front and it said something like I have a crush on you. The teacher caught me passing it to you and pulled me aside and asked, “What would your parents think?!” and I said, “…they wouldn’t care..?” Anyways you ended up keeping the note and at the end of the year when we cleaned out our desks you turned to me and said, “Look what I still have!” as you held up the lovely note I made you. I cringed and awkwardly laughed…which I later learn is thee only way I know how to handle awkward situations, by laughing. I would listen to this song on repeat as I rode my bike in my backyard thinking that you were totally my crush. So thanks for being my first real crush and not being a total jerk to me or making me feel like a complete idiot. Hope you are doing swell.

2. With You – Jessica Simpson: Talk about a double throwback – this song and my first real boyfriend. To be honest I felt like you were the first guy who ever liked me. You sister and her friend asked me if I would ever go out with you. I probably said, “I don’t know, why?” and then they told me you liked me and you wanted to ask me out. We went out…I think with your sister and that same friend to the movies. We dated for like half the school year. I still have a bunch of random gifts you got me in a box in my closet. We also went to the school dance together and I have a picture of the two of us dancing – both wearing navy blue hoodies btw. You were a great first boyfriend honestly. I think we only “broke up” because summer happened and we lost touch. I ran into you in college actually – which was the weirdest thing. And you were so nice when I said, “Hey!” I definitely walked away from that conversation thinking, “Wow…he’s so nice. I’m really glad I can call him my first ever boyfriend.” While we were dating I spent a lot of my time listening to my XM Radio and during this time this song would come on the Top 20 station constantly and I always associated it with you and our time dating for some reason. You’re great, hope you’re staying awesome.

3. Burning Down the House – Talking Heads: So…we dated like for a day? We saw Racing Stripes (horrible movie fyi) for our first date. We hugged afterwards or after school one day and I was just like yeah…nothing, no spark. (I watched watch a lot of romantic movies and fully believe in the power of the “spark” or the rush of butterflies someone has the ability to give you.) And sadly I felt nothing. Funny thing about this story is I only ever thought I wanted to date you because I was in love with the movie 13 Going on 30 and my mom thought that you were my Matty. You were dating my now best friend and you guys broke up during the Christmas play I think…and then you and I started dating (again only for a day, then I broke up with you). You’re super sweet and I probably confused the fuck out of you because I was like let’s go out! just kidding…let’s not. You’re a great guy though and I remember you’re mom being super sweet too. And I was really good friends with a couple of your cousins. Just weird story/relationship all around. But I picked this song because it’s a song in 13 Going On 30 and one of Matty’s favorites so I thought it served as a good representation of our short lived romance.

4. At the Library – Green Day: Ugh…you. You were and probably still are one of my favorite boyfriends ever. I mean we had a middle school relationship and we never even kissed…but you made me mix tapes!!! And no one else has ever done that for me and it’s something I wish everyone would do you me! Haha. You had such great taste in music, you were so cute, creative, funny, and just I really liked having you as my boyfriend. It was really hard getting over you because again summer happened and we just kind of lost touch and then in the Fall we went to separate high schools. It was ridiculously hard to pick a song for you because honestly too many good ones, like songs from The Clash, Slipknot (yeah…I liked Slipknot in middle school), old school Green Day. You were “punk” (as punk as a small town kid going to a Catholic school can be, okay?) and you were so fascinating to me. But I settled on this one because it’s one of my favorites, it’s from a CD you burned me, and I can’t help not thinking about you whenever old school Green Day comes on. God I hope you’re living the dream and doing something creative or in the film industry like you wanted – you’re great and will forever have a place in my heart (deal with it).

5. Stellar – Incubus: You’re an asshole. You were my boyfriend through high school and boy did I learn a lot of lessons from dating you. You were at the time my first love – you were such a douche though that I don’t believe that to be true anymore. You were basically my first everything. I cared about you a lot, more than I cared about myself – which I now know is never good or healthy. You used me. I wasted so much money on you. You were manipulative and always made me feel like everything was my fault and the sad part was I always believed it was. We dated on and off. And you ended up cheating on me and breaking up with me on my birthday. And now I know why the week before you broke up with me you were crying, it’s because you were lying to me and had no backbone to just tell me then and there. It’s because of you it still takes me a long time to trust people. I just hope you didn’t hurt my friend after the two of you broke up – I’ll never know because once you two started dating she blocked me and stopped talking to me. So thanks for that. Also next time you have an epiphany in a jail cell don’t create a new Facebook account just to apologize to me and tell me how you realized how horrible you were to me. Because I don’t care and it’s way too late for that bullshit. You always loved Incubus and now every time I hear them it leaves a bad taste in my mouth – so thanks for that. I hate you and I hope I never run into again. Fuck you.

6. Ohio Is For Lovers – Hawthorne Heights: I never really met you…but you were friends with one of my friends. You were like super pretty (like definition of a pretty boy). You always wore a “Don’t mess with the Hawthorne Heights” tee-shirt (I actually have the same one – HA!). I just thought you were really cute and was very infatuated with you for some time. I picked this song because of the whole shirt thing…duh. This song though, oh man the emo mems though. Haha.

7. Bigger Scars Make Better Stories – Search the City: I had a crush on you, we met at work, you had amazing taste in music. I remember I asked you out! But it didn’t work out because our lunches didn’t line up and you probably didn’t think anything of it.. But I asked you and you said yes and I always thought that was really cool and nice of you even though we never actually went to get lunch together. Okay – he was ridiculously cute and he didn’t get weirded out by me asking him to eat lunch with me, it was and still is a HUGE deal to me so…yeah. You had plugs, short curly hair, and listened to great music and I was swooning over you even after I stopped working there. I use to talk to you about music and ask what you recommend I listen to. You mentioned this band, I downloaded their album, and fell in love! And I always thought that was so amazing – how someone could casual mention a band to me and I end up so in love with it. I referred to you as my musical soulmate for quite sometime. Musical soul mates are the best and if you find them hold on to them! We lost touch, I was probably too much of a creeper (classic me), but I hope you moved on to bigger and better things. Maybe our paths will cross again and you’ll remember me and it’ll be a whole adorable cute thing. Who knows.

8. Seventeen Years – Ratatat: On to the college boyfriend…you were great and I miss you all the time. I meet and spent time with your family and friends – I loved all of them and think of them sporadically and smile. You honestly were great to me but I was just in a weird place in my life and screwed everything up. I wish I could tell you I was sorry for being an idiot. Your mom and brothers were so nice to me when I stayed with you. And your dad was an amazing cook. And your friends..UGH don’t get me started on your friends – honestly some of the greatest people I’ve met – I wish I could just hug them all. I originally was going to put Dog Days are Over because your little brother and I were listening to that song when I was driving him home one day and he was singing it and hamming it up, you know how he is. But I thought nah…so I settled on a Ratatat song because you introduced them to me  and this is one of my favorite songs. I remember when I was eating dinner in the dining hall after the first day of classes and you came up to me and asked for my number. I gave it to you but thought the whole time how it was some kind of joke or contest to see which guy could get the most numbers or something. But you actually asked me out and we went for a hike and it was really nice. You were a really great boyfriend and I screwed the pooch on that one. I hope you find what you’re looking for, be safe out there, give all your friends a hug for me, and call your mom every once in awhile.

9. The Whistle Song – Kill Bill Vol. 1: You were sweet, you made really great guacamole…you were a complete and total rebound for me and I cringe when I think about the whole situation. I’m sorry – you were cute, a little too emotional, we didn’t really have anything in common, and just…yeah – it wouldn’t of worked. Sorry if I hurt you – I’m sure you’ll find someone great, someone for you. It just wasn’t ever going to be me. Oh and in terms of the song, we watched Kill Bill the first time we hung out and it was the first time I ever saw it, good movie. But can’t help but think of you when this little ditty gets stuck in my head.

10. Lonely Boy – The Black Keys: Now here we are. Confessed my undying love for you (yes, I’m being overdramatic, I’m aware) and we still haven’t really talked about it or your feelings towards me. You’re one of my best friends but it’s really difficult being your friend sometimes. I wish I could go back to when I didn’t tell you I had feelings for you because you weren’t so weird. It’s difficult holding a conversation with you now without it getting weird. I just want the guy who used to call me when he got drunk and talk about some girl he was in love with that didn’t love him back and how sad it made him. Yes – I miss that guy because at least then I felt like you would talk to me about stuff and confide in me. You never do that anymore. I don’t even have feelings for you anymore and you’re in a relationship with the love of your life apparently. I just want us to be friends and you to tell me how in love with and great your girlfriend is. YES, I honestly want to hear these things! I live for that sort of shit – I always try and ask people how they met their partner/significant other when I get the chance because I love romance and two people being happy together. Literally what I live for – so please everyone tell me all your love and romance stories like how you met and stuff, PLEASE. Everything is just weird with you recently and that’s all I can think to say about it. I picked this song because haHA! you are musical soulmate numbero duos! And this is one of the bands we bonded over and I remember you being so pumped about this album and it was like the first single off of it so – Kablam – there it is.

-End Saga One: I am one of those assholes who gets infatuated A LOT…like constantly, it’s ridiculous. So I am sure there will be more of these to come. Either new crushes or love interests or I’ll remember someone else from my past. So stay tuned.-

Introduction to This Fickle Heart

My name’s McKenzie and I love music more than anything honestly. I’m not sure what this blog will evolve into but we’ll figure it out along the way. I love all kinds of music so hopefully you can find something you like or can relate to. That’s all I have for this post – keep it short, keep it simple. Nothing but music here on out. Stay tuned.

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