Day 13: One of your favorite 70’s songs

You're So Vain - Carly Simon Thoughts: This song is great, sorry not sorry. I like how it starts off very sneaky. I like the word choice, I think it makes the song a little more interesting. I like how it tells a clear story. I don't know, I think it appears to be a... Continue Reading →


DAY 12: A song from your preteens

Well, well, well look who decided to come back to writing on the ole blog. I really suck at sticking to this... But here I am claiming I'm back for the umpteenth time. I just read through my old posts and I should really get better at keeping up with this blog. I love reading... Continue Reading →

DAY 9: A song that makes you happy

I Believe - Simian Mobile Disco Thoughts: I usually don't listen to this type of music but they were apart of The Gentlemen of the Road Tour a few years back (GOTR is a festival Mumford and Sons put together, I went to the last one and it changed my life. AHH.MAZING). Winston Marshall from Mumford... Continue Reading →

DAY 7: A song to drive to

Put Me In the Car - Ryan Gosling Thoughts: You know it really depends where you are driving. My go to, must have for driving on the interstate in a big city are The Black Keys. They just give me all this confidence, make me feel badass, and help me focus. Like, "No sir you... Continue Reading →

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